Saturday, 11 August 2012

Quick DIY to Pretty Up Your Camera Strap!

I live in Bristol, did I ever mention that? Its a pretty cool place to live as theres always something going on especially in the summer time the weekends are full of festivals and lots of free things to do.
This weekend is no different as its time for the International Balloon Fiesta (thats right, fiesta) so it is the perfect chance to head somewhere and watch the mass exodus of balloons head out over the city. Its also a chance for some amazing pictures. Now as you might know from my previous post, the boyfriend and I went out to get my birthday present a few weeks ago which just happened to be a DSLR camera and we had a deal that I could use it for the next 24 hours after which it would then go in the loft until my birthday.
Turns out the boyfriend is a bit of a softie and is letting me have it again today to take pretty pictures!
The strap that comes with the camera is pretty standard and being someone who is not keen on things being standard I had to pretty up a little:
This literally took less than 5 minutes and cost me nothing (YAY!)
Heres how:

You will need:
Camera with the strap
A long headscarf (mine was from Accessorize years ago)

To start just tie one end of the scarf to the end of the camera strap:

Then, wrap the scarf around the strap making sure there are no gaps and the side you want is showing:
Tie the other ends together:
TADAAA all done!
Its so easy to do and because theres no sewing or anything involved you can change it up as and when the mood takes you!

Quick ideas that make things pretty make me happy!

Have a fab weekend!


Friday, 3 August 2012

Yes, Chef

I've been sooo ill this week which means I've had a lot of time to think. To be honest, most of my thoughts are nonsense and really shouldnt be repeated but I also thought about all the food I wanted to make but havent got around to doing so I figured if I put it out here then I might actually get on with it!
Now before I get started I will just put it out there that most of these will be desserts. I love them and thats all there is to it!

Avocado Fries from Circle B Kitchen
I'm totally into avocado at the moment, mainly because I didnt think I liked it before I tried it again recently and found out how healthy they are. 
Now I want to fry them and add cheese.

Key Lime Pie From BBC Food
I love lemons and limes. I also love pie. Tadaaa Key Lime Pie!

Chocolate Brownies - Hummingbird Bakery

I love non-fussy brownies with no nuts or anything else in it but yummy chocolate so when I got the Hummingbird Bakery cookbook for Christmas I knew I had to make these!

One ingredient banana ice-cream (two if you add peanut butter!)
The boyfriend loves peanut butter, bananas and ice-cream so this will be perfect for him and super easy for me! 

Strawberry jam recipe from Woman and Home
I really love the idea of making jams and chutneys to give to people at Christmas and to put with scones (see below) so I thought this recipe should ease me into it! 

Mary Berry's Devonshire scones recipe
Mary Berrys victoria sponge recipe is amazing so I am in no doubt that her scones will be delicious!! 

There you have it! I'm hoping to feel better this weekend and will give one of these a shot! 

Have a great weekend!