Friday, 30 March 2012

Folksy Friday - Easter

Hey there,

So next Friday is Good Friday and sparks off the long Easter weekend YAY!!
With that in mind here is an Easter themed Folksy Friday:


Easter Bunting
Egg Hunt Bag
Egg Cosies
Easter Bunny Cup
Cheggy The Easter Egg Chick

Hope you've enjoyed this weeks FF! If you have any ideas for a themed week or would like to be featured on a Folksy Friday just let me know!

Have a fantastic weekend!


Monday, 26 March 2012

Monday Motivation


Did you have a fab weekend in the sun?

I spent most of the time Spring cleaning my dressing room so I didnt get to go outside as much as I wanted but my room is sooo much nicer now and doesnt make me stress out when I walk in!

If you want your Monday motivation just look outside! The sky is blue, its nice and warm, birds are tweeting and its just lush!!

Happy Monday


Saturday, 24 March 2012

My Kingdom For A Glue Gun!

I love pinterest. Not as much as a lot of people but I do love it. IF you are ever feeling a bit stuck for inspiration then Pinterest is the first place you should head. I was feeling like that on Friday and saw a post to this tutorial to make a knotted headband just using 2 lengths of crochet chains. Now, if you've followed the link you will see she says you need a glue gun.
Shes not wrong.
Sadly I was not prepared for this and do just muddled through without gluing anything. I don;t think it turned out bad:

I also decided not to use ribbon (I also didn't have any, like I said I was very unprepared!) and so knotted the crocheted section onto a normal ponytail hairband so that it would have some stretch to it and I have to say that I will keep doing that anywayas its a lot less hassle than trying to tie a knot on my head as I am also not much with hand eye co-ordination!

I will definately be making a few of these as they are so easy to make and look really cute!

Have you made anything inspired by Pinterest?


Friday, 23 March 2012

Foxy Folksy Friday

Hey there!

This weeks Folksy Friday is a little bit (a lot) foxy! Theres a dip at the back of our house with a stream and the other day I noticed there are at least 15 fox dens dug into the wall on the other side of the stream!
I also love foxes (nearly as much as owls but I feel thats done quite a lot) so with that in mind enjoy your Foxy Folksy selection:

Fox Face Brooch
Fox Mug
Fox Cushion (background can also be in navy or petrol blue)
Fox Kindle Cover
Cute Fox Cufflinks
Have a Fantastic Friday and a wonderful weekend.


Monday, 19 March 2012

Monday Motivation

Happy Monday peeps!

Some things to make you smile this week:

The Sun is out!! 

Cupcake nails.
Tiny Knitted Rabbits!
Little Peep Pal.
These little guys have started appearing which means it MUST be Spring!
Hope you have a fab Monday!

Sunday, 18 March 2012

What I made.

When I was little I would love making my mum a card and present for Mothers Day. Fast forward 10 years and it turns out I havent changed that much! The only problem is the older you get the better the handmade stuff needs to be as I'm not sure I could get away with sticking pasta to paper to it spells Mum and then paint it.

Luckily the idea was almost handed to me after Mums boyfriend got her a Kindle for Valentines day. She didnt have a cover for it and as long as I distracted her with other things she wouldnt buy one for herself and I could make her one.

 Cut to me spending 12 hours crocheting my fingers off!

And then it was done:

Its a bit of a funky shape but for a first attempt Im really pleased with it and Mum will love it too .

Did you make anything for this Mothers Day?


Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Tickle Me Tuesday

Here is what's been tickling me this last week:

I loved The Hunger Games and heard that Divergent was along the same lines. I'm not finished yet but so far I'm hooked! I already recommend it to anyone who loves THG!

My film of the week has got to be The Artist. It was back in our local cinema last week so I dragged the boyfriend along despite his protests! After I had plied him with malteasers and ice slushies even he loved it (or that could have been the massive sugar high!). Its such a lovely film and it really doesn't matter that its a silent film as you just get into it and get swept along with the story.

This weeks favourite song is Ben Howard - Keep Your Head Up. I was gutted not to get tickets to see him in my town this month but I'm really hoping he will pop up again soon!

On Saturday I took my mum to Crufts as an early Mothers Day present. It was such a lush day, there was so much to see and do, a lot of the owners were more than happy to allow us to snuggle their dogs for a bit as long as we raved about them. We got to see some agility in the main arena too and it was so amazing to see the dogs be so obedient and obviously enjoying themselves! The only minus side is that I wanted to take all the St Bernards and Newfoundlands home with me!

How's your Tuesday shaping up?


Monday, 12 March 2012

Monday Motivation

Lets face it. Mondays suck.
Here are some things to make your day that little bit nicer!

Have a fantastic Monday!

Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Tickle Me Tuesday


So I was reading Meet Me At Mikes and there was a post called Tickle Me Tuesday where you just put the things you've been loving (or tickled by) in the past week. I decided to join in so here is what's been tickling me:

Everywhere I go I've seen daffodils and they are so pretty! When everything else is still working out if its still winter or if we've moved on to spring, the daffodils come out and remind you its springtime!!

Peanut Butter KitKat Chunkys. If you've had one you know why I love them.

New Girl - I love this show. Especially:
SO. Funny.

Whats tickling you this Tuesday??


Friday, 2 March 2012

Tiny Bunnies.

The sun has been trying to peep through recently and I am no longer getting home from work when its dark which means.....SPRING IS HERE!!! Well, kind of! Anyway, this got me thinking about spring/Easter and of course, the Easter Bunny!!
I decided to make a little rabbit to commemorate the near spring time in the air.
I used this pattern and minimised it to make a teeny one!
Ive put some pictures below. Now, the first one I made was the purple one which I liked so I made the pink and white one. I do not like that one!

See what I mean? Purple one = good. Pink & white = baaaaaad!!

Have you made any spring crafts??