Thursday, 31 October 2013

Bonfire Beauties

Bonfire Night is easily my second favourite seasonal event (after Christmas of course!)
I've never been fussed by Halloween and I would rather just skip New Years all together if Im honest. But there is something I really love about Bonfire Night. The crackle and heat from the bonfire, the hot chocolates and candy floss on sticks, and obviously the ooo-ing and ahh-ing over the pretty fireworks.
One of my most favourite things about it is getting all wrapped up and super cosy.

Heres a little look at the sort of thing I think is perfect for November 5th festivities:

Super soft black bobble hat from New Look

Monki Monochrome Scarf - ASOS

Chunky Jumper ASOS
Skater Coat ASOS
I love this coat - anything with a fit and flare has my vote!

Pleated Kilt in Camo Print ASOS
ASOS Kensal Boots - ASOS
Jack Wills Mini Satchel ASOS
I think this would be so cute for Bonfire Night teamed with some thick black tights and a big hot chocolate!

What is your favourite thing abotu Bonfire Night?



Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Wanderlust: Morocco

The last week in September the boyfriend and I took off to Agadir in Morocco. The idea was to just chill out by the pool or the beach and just recharge.
We've both had a hard 6 months and needed the time to relax and start again.
We stayed in the Hotel Timoulay which was set one street back from the beach .
It was a lovely, small hotel with a spa, pool and bar and we were lucky enough to be upgraded to a Sea View room! The girl was so excited when she handed us our card keys I thought she was going to burst but the minute we went to the balcony we could see why - a full panoramic view of the beach and the sea.
The sun goes down over the sea so we were able to sit on the balcony with a cheeky Gin & Bitter Lemon and watch the sun set.

Most days we hang out by the pool and read (I got through SO many books!) because the hotel didnt have its own section of beach and its not a good idea to leave your things unattended.
We did venture down once or twice though - the beach itself was huge! So wide and about 9km long! For someone used to the magical *ehem* beach that is Weston-Super-Mare I can tell you this was a nice suprise!

Word of warning - There are looky looky men all around the beach. If you're anything like me the urge is to say no thank you and walk off. This doesnt tend to work as they then know that you are polite and might carry on trying to chat to you which, of course, ends in them selling you something. Just a firm no and walking away will do the trick.
Also, the sea is strong! Perfect for surfers and strong swimmers. I am not the strongest of swimmers and did ok until a wave smashed me in the side of the head and I had to have a sit down!

On the second to last night we had a walk down the promenade to the restaurants. We went to The Camel Bar - mainly because it had the exact same name as our favourite place when we went to Sharm El Sheikh the year before last! - we sat out with our dinner (which was ok, nothing special) and watched the sun start to go down.

On the walk back I basically took a million sunset pictures and we did freeze frames which have become a tradition for us and slept lots!

I would 100% go back to Morocco and we've already talked about going to Marrakesh for a long weekend as we are both explorers at heart and would love to see the city in all its busy, crazy glory!

This was a very picture filled post but trust me, I really narrowed it down!

See you next time!


Autumn Essentials

Ah, Autumn. How everyone loves you with your beautiful colours, crisp air and millions of pumpkin based treats!
One of my favourite things about Autumn has got to be the change in colours people wear. Dont get me wrong I can love a pastel or bright as much as the next person but my heart lies with more Autumnal shades.
I have a lot of clothes already but wanted to pick up a few little bits just to adjust my wardrobe a bit.
So I hit up TK MAXX.

First, and most boring - some black skinny jeans. I had a huge clearout at the start of summer and thought it was a good idea to get rid of all my jeans bar one nice pair. This, of course, meant that once Autumn hit I was pretty screwed!
These are by Diamonds and Denim and fit really nicely and will be a cold winter staple!

Next up to the right is a very oversized, long, leopard print scarf. I don't tend to wear a lot of patterns but always see people wearing leopard print and think it just pulls everything together nicely.

Bottom right is a super soft burgundy jumper. It has loose knit and tighter knit stripes which gives it something extra. I love this colour with the scarf.

Last but not least are these leopard print flats from Bamboo - a brand I hadn't heard of before but they had loads of different designs in TK MAXX.

I just think these are really pretty, especially with the cute ankle strap that will show when worn with skinny jeans or skirts with tights.

I did realise after getting home that what I had actually done was buy one entire outfit so if you live in the Bristol area, expect to see me in this get up often!

See you soon!


Review: Argan Oil Hydrating Mask - From POUNDLAND

Argan Oil.
Its everywhere and in everything. Body lotions, shower gel and, of course, hair products. Most of these products tend tend to be on the pricier side.
Brand name Moroccan Oil can set you back £31.85 for 125ml. I'm sure its brillant and makes your hair so soft and shiny that puppies are jealous but I just won't spend that sort of money on haircare.
Luckily my local Poundland had the solution a Argan Oil Hydrating Mask so I had to snap it up!

I used it for the first time last night and loved it! The consistency was very thick and smooth kind of like a body butter and it just smelled clean which I really liked. So I slathered it on my towel dried hair and let it soak in for half an episode of The Mindy Project. Once I rinsed and dried my hair I was really able to see the difference. Before, my hair had been punished by the sun, sea and chlorine from a recent holiday but after using this mask it looks and feels so much better.

I've tried Argan oil before and didnt see such a huge difference but with this I can really tell that its making my hair healthier.

So the next time you are in your local Poundland don't dismiss the hair treatments!

See you soon,


Crochet Hats - Autumn Edition

In January of this year I did this post about a super cosy and soft hat I had made.

Fast forward 10 months and the boyfriends mum asks if I will make her one so off to the shops I went and lo and behold the pound shop yet again had the solution. 3 for 2 on yarn. Perfect. I picked up 3 lots of blue sparkly and practically skipped home.

I made the boyfriends mums hat first and she loves it. This time I used this pattern  because I wanted something a bit more slouchy and with a tighter stitch.

Youll need to excuse the hair in these pictures it was just doing whatever it wanted!

 I really like the style of these hats but I have a pretty meaty head so I think when I make another one Ill go increase the stitches a little bit more. 
The next one will also have some kind of bobble on it.

These hats are so easy and quick to make you can rustle one up in a night or two depending on how fast you can crochet! 

Have you made anything recently?

See you soon!