Thursday, 31 October 2013

Bonfire Beauties

Bonfire Night is easily my second favourite seasonal event (after Christmas of course!)
I've never been fussed by Halloween and I would rather just skip New Years all together if Im honest. But there is something I really love about Bonfire Night. The crackle and heat from the bonfire, the hot chocolates and candy floss on sticks, and obviously the ooo-ing and ahh-ing over the pretty fireworks.
One of my most favourite things about it is getting all wrapped up and super cosy.

Heres a little look at the sort of thing I think is perfect for November 5th festivities:

Super soft black bobble hat from New Look

Monki Monochrome Scarf - ASOS

Chunky Jumper ASOS
Skater Coat ASOS
I love this coat - anything with a fit and flare has my vote!

Pleated Kilt in Camo Print ASOS
ASOS Kensal Boots - ASOS
Jack Wills Mini Satchel ASOS
I think this would be so cute for Bonfire Night teamed with some thick black tights and a big hot chocolate!

What is your favourite thing abotu Bonfire Night?



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