Saturday, 2 November 2013

Instamonth - October

I flippin' love Instagram.
Sharing pretty pictures of things I've seen and it very much appeals to my nosy side as I feel like Im peeking into other peoples lives while Im having a browse!

Heres a little insight into my October through Instagrams eyes:

Collecting shiny conkers
New PJs and super cute (and soft) slipper socks
Pretty view on my way to work.
Round the corner from where I live - this was happening.
Archie wanted to make some bracelets.
My lovely Archie.
Just before a storm hit.
October is pretty.
I was a fox for halloween. This is me being caught in the headlights!
October was fun.
Bring on November!

Im Sequins_n_glitter on Instagram if you want to follow me & if you want to leave your links I'd love to have a peep!

See you soon,


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  1. You've got so many nice photos here! I'm going over to follow you now, mine is lauragois :) xx