Thursday, 28 November 2013

A Little Treat

A new Yankee Candle shop has opened in Bristol and I'm more than a little addicted. I cannot just walk past. I must go in and sniff all the candles even though I've smelled the same ones for the last 3 days!

Once payday came I decided I actually needed to treat myself to a few little things from there.

I picked up Soft Blanket and Fireside Treats candles and a white porcelain candle holder with little hearts around the top.

The candle holder was a practical choice (yeah, Ill keep telling myself that) as I have a few candles that need holding!
I thought this one was clean and simple and the cute heart designs would look especially lovely in the dark once the candle is lit.

Fireside Treats is for those of us who love sweet smells. Its exactly like the smell of toasted marshmallows. Super sweet and slightly smoky. It also makes me hungry.

Soft Blanket is such an opposite to Fireside Treats. It just smells super clean and cosy. And a little like talcum powder. But in a nice way!

I'd like to say my Yankee Candle addiction has been fed for a while but its not!

What scent of theirs is your favourite?

See you soon,



  1. I'm dying to get my mitts on my first yankee candle. I've got my eye on Christmas Cookie as I've got a terrible sweet tooth. There's nothing better to me than the smell of baking :D Yummy.

    1. Ooo I love Christmas Cookie! Good choice! Salted caramel is also super sweet and makes me hungry when I burn it :) x

  2. I love fireside treats! I can't burn it for too long though as it really is sweet!

    Thanks for sending over your blog link!
    Jenn | Photo-Jenn-ic


    1. I found that with salted caramel. Yummy smell but you can only burn it for about an hour before getting a sugar headache lol
      Thanks for checking out my blog - Ill be sure to have a look at yours :)