Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Easy, Pretty & Cheap

nope, im not describing a person! Im talking about a gift.
My friend recently moved into a new place and I needed something as a pretty but cheap and easy present.
I also think this would make a cute Christmas present for someone whos moved into a new place or just needs a pick me up.

I saw this glass lantern in my local B &M shop and thought it was lovely. Not too big and the design on the front is lovely.
Bonus points because it was only £2.99!

I clearly needed a cangle to go with the lantern and this glittery one caught my eye. It was the perfect size for the lantern.
Bonus points it only cost £0.99!

Put the two together and you have a really lovely gift for less than a fiver!
Can't go wrong with that!

Do you have any go to gift ideas?

See you soon,


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