Sunday, 6 January 2013

365 Project

Here are the pictures from the first few days of my 365 project. I'm enjoying it so far and it is making me think about different things to photograph because as cute as the dogs are, I dont want my whole years worth of photos to be dogs!

Are you doing any 365 projects this year? I'd love to see them! 


Thursday, 3 January 2013

Crochet Hats!

A few months ago I bought some chunky wool and what seemed like a massive crochet hook. As time went by I couldnt bring myself to try and use it until I saw this easy hat tutorial. I gave it a go and fell in love with it!
I love a project that is super easy and quick too and this ticked both boxes.
I posted a picture on Facebook and soon had 2 requests from people including my mum who has giant dreadlocks so her hat had to be giant to actually fit on her head!
I adjusted the pattern a little bit just to make the hat a bit more like a baggy beanie than a super snug tight hat but I would still use the link above as a basic template.

Maybe I'll attempt a stripy one next and see how that works out?
One thing is for sure, anyone with a birthday in the winter can expect one of these bad boys! 

See you soon,

Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Its Been a While

Happy New Year!

Clearly I havent blogged in a while. Not for any reason I guess I just got caught up in other things but don't worry, you haven't missed much in the way of photography!

Here are the few bits and pieces for you. I'm starting a 365 project so hopefully there will be lots more pictures on here for you in the future along with little crafty updates!

As you can see I finished a blanket I was making for a friends baby who was born on Thursday. I'm pretty proud of it to be honest especially as Im not really someone who finishes things!

See you soon!