Sunday, 10 November 2013

Secondhand Scores

I do love a bargain whether its beauty products, vintage goods or good old charity shop rummaging.

The weekend before last my Mum and I took a trip to a vintage market that had been sat up in Ashton Gate, Bristol. Its a football ground but they had a large indoor area which was choc full of vintage goodies!

After walking around open-mouthed for quite some time we set about getting a few little bits and pieces. I could have really spent so much more time and money in there it was fantastic! So many different vendors selling different things I think people would have been hard pushed to not get anything to be honest.
Anyway, here are my purchases:

I loved this cute '60s clock the minute I saw it. I feel like they would have thought "hey, lets make something futuristic like they would use in 2013"
It was also a bargainous £5.
If you want in on a secret, I haven't plugged it in yet because I dont know how to set the alarm and am worried it will go off at any moment (eg 3am when I am sound asleep and have many hours before waking up!)

 Before you say anything just hear me out. I love this jumper. Its crazy pattern, its overly high neckline, its brown and cream madness. Its the thickest, cosiest jumper ever and I think I can make it look cute with skinnies, boots and chunky scarf.

The last thing I got was this ring. It was only £2 and I just thought it was so pretty and unusual. It needs a little love as a bit of the outside has gone a little green but nothing a bit of bicarb cant fix.

Well that was all of my purchases from that trip but Im always on the lookout for cute things!

My ELF order finally arrive so expect some reviews soon!

See you soon,



  1. That clock is amazing! Thanks for following me, I see we're both from Bristol too :)

    1. Lol glad Im not the only one who thinks so! I brought it home and the Boy was like WTF! :)
      No problem, nice to know there are other Bristol bloggers out there :)