Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Review: ELF Eyebrow Kit

If you are on Twitter you may have seen ELF Cosmetics really campaigning for 20,000 followers and that once they got it, they would release a 50% off their already super cheap make-up.
I had heard a little about ELF through various Youtube Beauty Gurus and was kind of curious so after a little research I placed my order.
4 days later it was here!

The first thing I wanted to try was the ELF Eyebrow kit:

I got the shade medium as the gel/wax side on the left looked pretty dark to me.

It comes with the dark wax on the left that you use for definition etc and a lighter powder to set your brows in place.

It also comes with a little two ended brush. One with more stiff bristles to use with the wax and a much more fluffy end for the powder.

The brush sucks. Just putting that out there.

I like the packaging. It's not too bulky and feels pretty sleek in your hand. The mirror is a good size for the inside of a compact so you could touch your brows up on the go.
Thing is. You won't need to.

I love this! The wax is super thick with good pigmentation and, with the right brush, applies brilliantly. You can easily get a super defined sculpted eyebrow without too much fiddling about.
If I'm honest I didn't notice a massive difference with the powder over the top but it stayed put all day.
No muss. No fuss.

Basically this has become a staple for me and because its a steal at £3.75 I don't see that changing.

Expect more ELF product reviews soon - I have a few to get through!

Have you tried ELF? What can you recommend?

See you soon,


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