Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Autumn Essentials

Ah, Autumn. How everyone loves you with your beautiful colours, crisp air and millions of pumpkin based treats!
One of my favourite things about Autumn has got to be the change in colours people wear. Dont get me wrong I can love a pastel or bright as much as the next person but my heart lies with more Autumnal shades.
I have a lot of clothes already but wanted to pick up a few little bits just to adjust my wardrobe a bit.
So I hit up TK MAXX.

First, and most boring - some black skinny jeans. I had a huge clearout at the start of summer and thought it was a good idea to get rid of all my jeans bar one nice pair. This, of course, meant that once Autumn hit I was pretty screwed!
These are by Diamonds and Denim and fit really nicely and will be a cold winter staple!

Next up to the right is a very oversized, long, leopard print scarf. I don't tend to wear a lot of patterns but always see people wearing leopard print and think it just pulls everything together nicely.

Bottom right is a super soft burgundy jumper. It has loose knit and tighter knit stripes which gives it something extra. I love this colour with the scarf.

Last but not least are these leopard print flats from Bamboo - a brand I hadn't heard of before but they had loads of different designs in TK MAXX.

I just think these are really pretty, especially with the cute ankle strap that will show when worn with skinny jeans or skirts with tights.

I did realise after getting home that what I had actually done was buy one entire outfit so if you live in the Bristol area, expect to see me in this get up often!

See you soon!


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