Saturday, 24 March 2012

My Kingdom For A Glue Gun!

I love pinterest. Not as much as a lot of people but I do love it. IF you are ever feeling a bit stuck for inspiration then Pinterest is the first place you should head. I was feeling like that on Friday and saw a post to this tutorial to make a knotted headband just using 2 lengths of crochet chains. Now, if you've followed the link you will see she says you need a glue gun.
Shes not wrong.
Sadly I was not prepared for this and do just muddled through without gluing anything. I don;t think it turned out bad:

I also decided not to use ribbon (I also didn't have any, like I said I was very unprepared!) and so knotted the crocheted section onto a normal ponytail hairband so that it would have some stretch to it and I have to say that I will keep doing that anywayas its a lot less hassle than trying to tie a knot on my head as I am also not much with hand eye co-ordination!

I will definately be making a few of these as they are so easy to make and look really cute!

Have you made anything inspired by Pinterest?


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