Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Tickle Me Tuesday

Here is what's been tickling me this last week:

I loved The Hunger Games and heard that Divergent was along the same lines. I'm not finished yet but so far I'm hooked! I already recommend it to anyone who loves THG!

My film of the week has got to be The Artist. It was back in our local cinema last week so I dragged the boyfriend along despite his protests! After I had plied him with malteasers and ice slushies even he loved it (or that could have been the massive sugar high!). Its such a lovely film and it really doesn't matter that its a silent film as you just get into it and get swept along with the story.

This weeks favourite song is Ben Howard - Keep Your Head Up. I was gutted not to get tickets to see him in my town this month but I'm really hoping he will pop up again soon!

On Saturday I took my mum to Crufts as an early Mothers Day present. It was such a lush day, there was so much to see and do, a lot of the owners were more than happy to allow us to snuggle their dogs for a bit as long as we raved about them. We got to see some agility in the main arena too and it was so amazing to see the dogs be so obedient and obviously enjoying themselves! The only minus side is that I wanted to take all the St Bernards and Newfoundlands home with me!

How's your Tuesday shaping up?


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