Sunday, 18 March 2012

What I made.

When I was little I would love making my mum a card and present for Mothers Day. Fast forward 10 years and it turns out I havent changed that much! The only problem is the older you get the better the handmade stuff needs to be as I'm not sure I could get away with sticking pasta to paper to it spells Mum and then paint it.

Luckily the idea was almost handed to me after Mums boyfriend got her a Kindle for Valentines day. She didnt have a cover for it and as long as I distracted her with other things she wouldnt buy one for herself and I could make her one.

 Cut to me spending 12 hours crocheting my fingers off!

And then it was done:

Its a bit of a funky shape but for a first attempt Im really pleased with it and Mum will love it too .

Did you make anything for this Mothers Day?


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  1. Lovely, I have always wanted to crochet, but I am rubbish at it sadly. I did give my mum some chocs with one of my hand made lino-print cards, but I am never sure with that generation if they would rather have some mass produced thing from Hallmark! I am not sure she appreciates the world of hand-made. Michele x