Sunday, 29 January 2012

A New Project


So Ive been thinking about starting a new project. I get this drive every so often to start something, really get into it for a while and then see something sparkly and forget all about it so I want to start something and finish it without getting distracted by something new..

I decided to have a peek around the interwebs to get some inspiration and found this:
I love felt and it looked cute enough for me to give to the boyfriend on Valentines Day (which also gives me a deadline).

I had a look at it for a while and decided the easiest way to start was to deconstruct it on paper:
It looked pretty simple so I've given it a start and here is the head so far:
Its going ok so far. I decided against the headphones and am going to stitch on the face instead of using beads.
We will see how it goes!!


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