Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Time For A Change

Hello again!

Its been a while I know but I've been focusing a lot more on my other blog Sequins and Glitter Photography. While I love having that blog and sharing my photography, I have realised that theres something missing, that I have other things I would like to share.
For instance, I love trying out new make-up, hair things etc and those things dont really work on a photography blog you know?
I love secondhand shopping or "thrifting". Not because Im cheap but because I love finding something no-one else has and I would love to share my finds (of which there are many).
There is a slightly planned form in my head to do a post a week on what real people wear to work. Not fashionistas who eat one cube of cheese a day but normal people who have great style.

So there are a few of my plans for this little space. Of course I'll still be doing the photography blog as I love it to pieces.

This is just something else.

I hope you'll stick around!


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