Sunday, 6 May 2012

May Day!

May and Spring are finally here! Not to jinx it but the sun actually came out today and it seemed to have some kind of magical effect on everybody as people were suddenly much happier!

I have mixed feelings about May. On the one hand we in the UK get lots of days off, the weather gets nicer and both Mum and The Boyfriend have their birthdays which means lots of eating cake and other yummy food. What this also means is that I have to start thinking about presents and things like that for my two most favourite people (yes, my Mum is one of my favourite people). For these peoples birthdays I am also in charge of cake baking which is fine accept Mum is vegan and The Boyfriend has asked for a shaped cake. I have never made either type of cake before so I had to start looking at ideas, especially for the shaped cake. I need something that will be easy enough for a first time cake shaper but amazing for his birthday.

Here are the ideas I've enjoyed from around the interwebs:

I like this one as it has Mario which he loves but doesnt look too intricate and finicky.

Other than the head I think this could be pretty easy to do as long as I really broke it down.

This TMNT cake is awesome and as long as I could work out how to shape the sponge we could be onto a winner!

 This VW Camper would be cool.

I'll be keeping you updated on both different cakes and will most deffinately post the finished articles!

Hope you have had a fab weekend so far and have a great Bank Holiday Monday if you are in the UK!


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