Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Re-use & Recycle.


I've been off work the last 2 days and have been crafting away like a good 'un!
As well as making a load of granny squares I decided to sort out my jewellery drawer to see what treasures I could find. This was hard as there was a lot of stuff in there!
 Now this picture is with a lot of it sorted outbut theres a whole other section with loads of things!

Anyway, I had a seperate pile for things that were broken that I could reuse:

There are all sorts of little thingy-ma-bobs in there from little charms to beads and random clips.

I had a little bit of crocheted chain stitch left over from the hairbands I've been making so I decided to put it with the charms and make a cute bracelet:

As you can see I went for a nautical theme as I always love a bit of nautical in the spring!

It was so easy to make I think Ill do a tonne more!

Have you done anything similar?


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  1. Such a good idea! I'm having a natuical moment lately. Navy and white striped tops and red lipstick ago-go! Hx