Monday, 16 December 2013

Christmas Nails pt 1

Welcome to part one of my Christmas Nails series!

I love making anything festive and the top of my list is always nails. Sometimes Ill be tip tapping away on the keyboard at work, look down and remember how festive they are and it makes me happy all over again.

Here are the looks Im going through this series:

We have fairy light, candy canes, penguins, Rudolph and a snowflake.

To start off I thought I would detail what you will need.
You dont need any special nail tools for any of these looks though if you have the dotting tools you could use them for the circle work.

The base colours you will need are:

I didnt go for any specific brand, just ones I plucked from my collection but they did the trick!

You will also need these:

 These are the nail art pens from good old Primark. They are £2 for two which is a total bargain!
One end has these little gems in, the colour in the middle is the nail polish. Now, at the other end You have these little pens that looks like this:

You just (gently) squeeze the nail polish tube and it comes out of the pen, making it much easier to do those festive designs!
But then, if you put the cap back on and unscrew that side you get the nail striper. An extra long nail brush that you can use to make straight(er) lines.

So now we have the kit out of the way, check back Wednesday to find details on how to do the first design!

See you soon,


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  1. LOVE your nails! They are so cute. I deffo need to work on my nail art!!! :)