Wednesday, 13 June 2012

The Picnic Basket Project.


Much like everyone else in the U.K I was shocked the other week that the sun actually made an appearance! There was full on sunshine, people getting tanned/burnt and lots of drinking Pimms!
When the sun comes out I always want to have a full on picnic with a lovely basket full of yummy food. Now the food is easily managed with the help of the local supermarket if we are in a rush but the basket is different. I didnt want a standard one from the shops, I wanted a nice vintage one without clasps etc.
So the other day I got this beauty:

 It wasnt too expensive at all but I guess thats because it was the bare bones of a picnic basket rather than filled with goodies!

 I figured this would mean I could make it over as I wanted, have a fun project and a lush, one of a kind picnic basket in the end.

Cut to this weekend at the vintage section of a market and I found a large piece of oilcloth for super cheap! My immediate thoughts went to the picnic basket and how cute it would look inside and be wipe clean if I got stuff on it (very likely!)
The tricky part is working out how to attach it to the basket. My main idea at the moment is hot glueing it on and then maybe using some kind of wire or thread to keep it firmly attached to the wicker.
Theres no rush on this project really as the sun has gone again and left us with LOTS of rain but it gives me hope that the sun will eventually return with his hat on!

What do you think?
Have you attempted anything like this?


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