Friday, 10 January 2014

Review: Primers

I love primers. As a girl with super oily skin I find that a good primer will really stop my makeup from making me look like wax thats been too close to the fire.
There are lots of primers out there from cheap and cheerful high street to mega bucks high end. If I had the mega bucks money I would review some of those primers but sadly I don't so today it'll be a review of two high street primers:

On the left: Rimmel Fix & Protect Pro Primer. On the right: NYC Smooth Skin Perfecting Primer.
To look at them briefly, they are very similar. Same basic look, same amount of product and yet the product itself couldnt be more different.

First up NYC:

It claims to revive skin, boost radiance, fade redness and, of course, keep makeup on for longer.
What it actually does is slip and slide around your face, taking your makeup with it. It may be that this product just isn't suitable for my skin type but I just couldn't get on with it. I could see its attempt to boost radiance and revive dull skin but I think the formula is too sparkly rather than glowing.

Sorry, but this one is a no go.

Next: Rimmel

Rimmel claims that this primer will smooth, resurface, brighten, mattify and protect the skin.

I kind of love this. The minute I got the product out of the tube and it wasnt glittery I knew I was onto a winner!
The texture is much thicker and almost grainy but really not. Once I applied this to my face I could see that it had mattified my skin without making it look dull which is always nice for someone who suffers from midday shiny forehead syndrome. Whilst appliying my foundation I noticed how much better it applied, so much smoother than before and best of all. It stayed put all day.

If you didn'y guess before, the Rimmel primer is so much better than the NYC one. Yes its double the money but I'd rather spend £5 on a really good product than £2.50 on something I'll use once and throw away.

Do you have a primer recommendation?

See you soon,


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