Thursday, 19 April 2012

English Afternoon.


So I had a moment of madness the other day. We were watching T.V when the new  Marks & Spencers advert came on where they are all having fun at a garden party when I turned to the boyfriend and said "I would love to have a garden party, it would be so cute for the Jubilee weekend!". Now normally he turns round and reminds me of the practical reasons why we can't do something. Not this time. "That would be great, I'll start inviting people".


Luckily the party isnt until May time so I have some time to think of what we need to get/make/do but heres a snapshot of whats got me inspired:

That last one is a picture of British food that Victoria Beckham made!

Essentially I just want lots of British food like sausage rolls, pork pies, strawberries and cream, lots of bunting and some kind of lighting for once it gets dark!

Have you started thinking about your Jubilee plans?


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