Friday, 20 April 2012

Folksy Friday.


I was a bit stuck about what to choose for this weeks Folksy Friday so, after a bit of thinking, I remembered that we Spring cleaned the WHOLE house last weekend so this weeks choice is all around organisation:

Bird Box Jewellery Box.
I love this piece and I really think it could be used for things other than jewellery. Maybe in the porch as a bit of a catch-all for keys and all those bits that get thrown down when you get in?

This could be great for a couple of places in the house but Im especially thinking in an entranceway or at the foot of a bed to store all your extra bedding in the top and little bits and pieces in the baskets.

Magazine Holder
Why not use this to store magazines, letters, random bits of paper that always seem to float around the house but you cant seem to throw away?

Lost Sock Sack
If you are like us then you will always pull an odd number of socks out of the washing machine! This would be great as you can just dump the odd sock in there and then sort them out later!

Carrier Bag Holder
We actually have one like this at home and its brilliant! We used to just put our carriers on a hook or something on the back of the door but that made it look so cluttered and nasty but this has made it a lot neater. Just put the carrier bags in through the top and pull them out at the bottom when needed!

Have a fantastic weekend!!


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