Tuesday, 17 April 2012


Hi there!

I haven't been away on purpose, just been busy with the outside world - house stuff, job stuff etc but I think everything should quieten down now (YAY!).

Did you have a great Easter? We ate too much and just hung out with family for a bit which was lovely.

I did get a little time to do some crafting and decided to make some cute rabbits for Easter!

They were so easy to make and they look so cute! I ended up using them as my first items on Folksy as I really thought they were lovely. No-ones bought them yet but that doesnt bother me as it means I get to keep them for a little longer!

I've also been making a few granny squares but kind of lost motivation when I realised how many I would need to make a decent sized blanket!

What have you been up to latley?


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