Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Baby Blanket Boom


So I guess I should start off by explaining the title. Its not about me but I have two friends that are expecting babies before the year is out, one in November and one a few days before Christmas so instead of buying them something from a shop I decided to make them a baby blanket each! I know one of them is having a girl but the other couple have decided to not know the gender until the birth (not that I could do that, Im soooo impatient with things like that!) but they have said they are going pretty gender neutral for colours and things which is fun.

Anyway, as my friend is having the girl slightly before my other friend I decided to start her blanket first and while I still had the idea in my head!

I started late Sunday and heres how I've got on so far:

As you can see its nearly the size of a cushion so I feel like I've made good progress considering I have 4 months to complete this!

For the other baby I think I'll choose really bright colours as thats the sort of thin the parents like and it helps to keep it neutral.
Here are some of the ideas I've found off the old interwebs:

I'll get started on the second one as soon as the first one is finished, which at this rate could be by the end of the week!

Hope your having a fab week!


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  1. Those bright blankets are fab. Just what we need in this weather!

  2. Certainly very colourful gifts

  3. I still have crocheted blankets from when my children were born, they are now over 30 years old. Handmade gifts are always the best.

    Jan x