Thursday, 5 July 2012

In the Bedroom


The Boyfriend and I have officially been in our (rented) house a year on the 9th and this week I've been really struck with how much progress we've made with making it look like OUR house rather than just the house we happen to live in!
We were very lucky that at the time we were moving in several people we knew were moving house or buying new things which meant we got a lot of stuff we needed for free, in fact, most of our living room items were kindly donated.
While we are always making little tweaks here and there, the only room that has never felt finished is our room. We have the basics of a bed, side tables etc but theres nothing on the walls except a feature wall of teal that we did when I was getting stressed about having nothing to look at!
We need something pretty that we both agree on which is a task in itself. After looking in Ikea and feeling zero inspiration I took to Etsy and here is what caught my eye:

Dont Forget To Be Awesome Every Day Print
This would be super motivational to see first thing on a Monday morning!

You + Me = Awesome

Kind of fun for in the bedroom.

You Are .. Print
I just love this one and have seen a few like it before so maybe this one is the winner?

Birds on a Wire
Finally, a picture I like that isnt just words! Its a simple picture but I like the colours and of course the little love birds!

Lets Have Adventures Together
Simple, cute and fun.

I've also considered printing some of the pictures we've taken over the time we've been together and have a mini collage of them on our wall but we are doing something very similar on the landing wall so we will see! 

What sort of thing do you have in your room or have you left the walls bare to make it a clean space to sleep?


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