Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Say Cheese!

This weekend was so lovely. We spent Saturday in the centre of town by the waterfront where they had a big festival on. We watched a Newfoundland rescue demonstration which justified my love for them even more as did this little fluffball!

After mooching around for a while The Boyfriend suggested we head to a camera shop to see what I could have for my birthday whilst keeping in the budget we set each other. So in we mooched, we asked a few questions and shown a few cameras. I tried some out. I liked one a lot. After that it became a blur and next thing I know Im walking out with a new (to me) camera!
There were strict conditions in place however. I was not allowed the camera until my birthday, one whole month away! MY condition was that I was allowed to play with it for 24 hours before it was put in the loft safely out of my reach!
I took it everywhere for the next 24 hours and its safe to say Im so happy with it!
Here are some of the pictures I took:

Hope you've been enjoying the sun!!


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