Monday, 16 July 2012

Little Flower

This weekend I went to my Mums house so she could provide me with nourishment in the form of homemade pizza *YUM*.
While we were waiting for them to be cooked I thought I would have a go at making a flower out of fabric. After looking at loads of blogs and tutorials online I felt ready to give it a go.
It wasnt too hard and luckily didnt need a lot of patience just some twisting and hot glueing. While I was trying this Mum left the room and then put three boxes of beads on the table as some kind of obvious hint that I should incorporate at least one bead on the flower. I glued one to the middle and the flower was done.
We looked at it.
We marveled at its cuteness.
I realised it needed to be in my hair.
And it was done.

Cute right?

I did a load more too..

Good news for you is that you can now buy them from my Etsy shop HERE (White to go on shortly)

I will making more of these for sure, they are so pretty when they are finished and look fab in my hair!

What have you made this week?


P.S I have linked this post to Handmade Harbour - Handmade Monday  & Ladybug Blessings Handmade Tuesdays


  1. very cute! Hope they sell for you. They look great in your hair :) I think these will be popular at Christmas, something that will sell well at any fairs you do x

  2. Beautiful.They look gorgeous as hair slides.

  3. Fabric flowers are so pretty, well done on your new makes

  4. They're really pretty - I really like them made from the print fabric x

  5. What a great idea for a hair slide

  6. These are a really good idea and very pretty. Were they hard to make? Your Mum was right - the buttons are a great touch.

  7. Their really pretty and a lovely hair accessory. Thanks for sharing. Ali x

  8. These are pretty, I'm sure you could use them for lots of other things too, they would make great brooches or on a hairband.

    Jan x