Sunday, 1 July 2012

Picture Perfect


I think today feels like a lazy Sunday, you know what I mean, one of those days where you look outside, see that its raining and make that effort to stay in your PJs for as long as possible, cuddle up with the fluffys and watch some rainy day films.

Its not like I've done nothing this week though so heres a little run down in pictures:

We took off for a little mid week getaway and I fed this not-so-little guy as well as a gang of ducks that got a little too confident for my liking!

I finally got our holiday pictures taken with an underwater camera developed and there were some beauties including this one of some clownfish. It was so fun to take pictures without knowing what they were going to look like before they were developed!

After months of fighting with it, I finally got my sewing machine to co-operate and together we made this suepr cute wash bag!

An impromptu trip to a charity shop had me walking away with these two cute soup bowls at a steal of a price!

Hope you had as good a week as I've had and a fab lazy Sunday!



  1. Sounds like a lovely week. Maybe we all need a midweek getaway and a lazy Sunday - I might have to work on this...!

  2. waiting to get photos back from being developed is so exciting isn't it! especially if its been ages since you took them and you're not too sure what will be on there :)

    well done for getting your sewing machine on the go, i'm sure your lovely wash bag will be very handy :) x

  3. Such a lovely squirrel pic. We had a squirrel in our garden this week digging for nuts in our lawn! cheeky devil. I managed to get some pics, but as they were through windows (not very clean ones at that) all a bit blurry. Hope you have a good week.

  4. I like your wash bag, always very satisfying when you win a battle! Hope you have another good week :)

  5. lovely squirrel-so cute!Love the wash bag-it's lovely fabric.

  6. Squirrels are such monkeys' but cute at the same time. Love the wash bag

  7. So nostalgic! We used to have those soup bowls!