Thursday, 9 February 2012

Current Obsession

Yup, blankets are my current obession. I want lots of them in a basket in my living room so that people can always be cosy.

I don't mind what they are made of, I'd take tartan wool ones, soft furry ones and of course gorgeous crochet ones! I have this image in my head of sitting in front of a log fire all cosy in Pjs and under a nice warm blanket. Now we can't have a log fire but I CAN have blankets!

Lovely heart patchwork blanket - Here

I keep trying to think up new reasons why we should have more blankets. My current reason is because I have decided they are multifuntional - they look pretty, they can cover the sofa/chairs, you can sit on them if you go for a picnic, the list is endless! Oh and they can keep you warm too.

There are always blankets for sale in normal shops but having one thats unique and handmade just makes it that much nicer. It would be nicer again if I made one myself but as I've previously said I have a habit of starting big projects and just not finishing them and I don't want to be here this time next year blogging about a half made blanket from a year ago!

Do you have any current obsessions?



  1. That heart patchwork blanket is so adorable! I'm currently working on a crochet ripple blanket but ave a feling by the time I've finished it'll be summer already.. Hx

  2. A basket with blankets in in the living room is a brilliant idea! I love blankets but they're always just scattered about.

  3. We have that same problem at the moment.
    If we arent using them they end up down the back of the sofa!
    Just need to find the prefect basket and Ill be set. Very easily pleased! :D
    Thanks for stopping by! :)