Thursday, 23 February 2012

Granny Squares

Hi Everyone!

A new craft shop opened in town at the weekend so after work on Monday I went in as they had a 50% discount for the opening week so I decided to buy some crochet stuff and give it a whirl. Clearly I had no idea what I was looking for but after trolling around for ages looking at other pretty things I found the hooks and some cute purple sparkley yarn to get me started:

To get me started I used the crochet lessons in the back of my Make Hey! While The Sun Shines book and learnt the stitches. Now, I get bored easily of just doing things with nothing to show for it in the end so I went on youtube for tutorials on Granny Squares and found this which was so helpful as she explains everything super slow and zooms in when you need to see what shes doing. She also does her tutorials in sections which is so handy if you are just getting used to something.

I tried it out with some other yarn I had, thought I had finished and had in fact just done one side so now I have a granny rectangle to unravel! After then trying it with the new purple yarn they seemed to turn out a lot better but the only problem is because of the sparkley bits it almost looks like mohair and so doesnt show the pattern off too great/at all:

I'm quite enjoying crochet at the moment so I think Ill be buying some plain, normal yarn and keep going and then find out how to put them all together to make something!

Have you got into any new crafts lately or crocheted something super pretty?


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