Sunday, 12 February 2012

Trying New Things

So last  night I went round my mums house. Now lets get something out there, Mum is not creative. At all. The most she can manage is a stick man at best and even then the legs are uneven and  they have tiny heads.
Aaaaanyway, I was telling her about different crafts I wanted to have a go at and showed her the book I bought with all the techniques in the back when she tells me she can teach me these things and out of nowhere moves the sofa to reveal bags upon bags of yarn and knitting needles!! Safe to say I was very shocked!

We decided to start with knitting and its safe to say I was not so good. We started with 40 loops or whatever they are called and after doing 2 lines I had made 52 loops, something my Mum had no idea how I managed it (apparently not a compliment). I had also made some holes in my own work which made no sense as I thought I was paying attention (I was also watching Take Me Out but lets call it 70 -30 in favour of knitting). By the time I went home I had started to get the hang of it but I'll have to continue under my Mums apparent expert knowledge!
*side note I also found a good guide here but I strongly advise going to my Mum first!*

Yesterday was a day of revelations as I also told Mum about how I wanted lots of blankets so she pops upstairs and comes down with this:
A super cute crochet blanket that her Grandma made! Its a big granny square made by a granny! Its not very big but has taken pride of place on the back of one of our living room chairs and makes me smile when I look at it.

Main lesson learned this weekend: Do not underestimate my mum.

Hope you had a fab weekend!

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  1. Mum's are brilliant and often full of surprises. Love your attempt, I can knit a bit but I want to try crochet, I've not done it before!!!

    Good luck and don't give up.

    Jan x