Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Making Changes...

Ever had a moment when you realise things have to change?
Not in a few weeks or months but right now.

I had one of those moments today. I knew the day wasnt going to be the best as my bus to work just didnt turn up at all. Then things at work that had been bubbling under the surface all boiled over and thats when I realised I had had enough.
Why should I have to stay in a job and feel unappreciated?
Why should anyone have to?
Yes there's problems in the economy but thats not an excuse not to get out there and look. Not many things annoy me more than people who whinge about something that can be easily sorted. I'm not saying people should quit their jobs until they find something they want but I also don't see why people can't make positive steps to getting out of that job and into something new.

No-one made a change by sitting down and doing nothing.

Rant over.

In summary things are going to be changing at the Sequins & Glitter house!

What are you or have you changed?



  1. hi there, thanks for stopping by on my blog, glad i'm getting some positive feedback about my new logo. I love it!!
    Your post here about change really made me think. I'm having 'day job' nightmares too at the mo and am really making positive steps to changing it (ie doing my first trade fair and really trying to step up my business this year so I can maybe work for myself one day and not the great big unappreciative 'machine'.... rant over!! :-)

    1. Hi!

      Sounds like we've been having similar issues!
      2012 must be the year for change!
      Good luck with the trade show, I'm sure you will be fab and your things are so cute I bet they sell like hot cakes!