Sunday, 5 February 2012

Little Platypus

80 minutes.
Thats how long I need a project to take me.
With the 6 nations on at the moment the boyfriend is glued to the TV so I need crafts to take the same amount of time as a rugby game so I dont get too bored.
This is where the internet comes in very handy. Didn't take me too long until I found the next thing I wanted to make. A Platypus.

I used this tutorial for the basic pattern but decided to use felt instead of fleece and only made a small one instead of a cuddly one for a child. I must say I think he turned out quite well:

The tutorial is so simple and I loved that you sew their legs inside and then fold them out so everything is hidden.
I really think I need to get some little black beads to use as eyes as I haven't quite mastered embroidering them on yet. Any tips on how to do it better?

Hope you've had a nice relaxing Sunday!

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