Saturday, 11 February 2012

Happy Saturday!

Its finally the weekend!! I feel like this week has gone soooo slowly. Not for any reason I think I've just been waiting for the weekend since Monday morning!

Anyway, I went into town yesterday and whilst wandering around the shops saw the prettiest book and it had to be mine!
Make Hey! While The Sun Shines
I mean just look at the cover! I want everything on those shelves!! The pictures inside are just as pretty and theres even a little pocket on the inside with patterns you need to make some of the crafts in the book and recipe cards for ginger beer and things!

My favourite part is in the back there are pages and pages of tutorials on how to do certain things like knitting, different sewing techniques and .... crochet! Im far too easily swayed on things and after seeing a girl with the cutest crochet bag yesterday I think Im going to have to give it a try!

I dont think theres much planned for this weekend so I think I will make something from the new book!

I guess this isnt a very informative post but I was just excited by my new pretty book (and it was on sale shhhh)


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