Thursday, 2 February 2012

Puppy Chew Toy

So in my last post I questioned how to make a toy for the new puppy and my 3year old dog.

I had a little scout on the internet and found this:
DIY Dog Toy

It looked pretty easy and seeing as the pup seems to love to chew everything I thought this would be perfect. Instead of using some cuts of fleece from a store I went to my local charity shop and spent 90p on a fleece scarf that I am reasonable sure wouldnt have been sold otherwise:

I cut into 3 strips as the tutorial stated and followed the instructions. 
Heres how it looked:

I think it turned out really well and the dogs love it so much that I made 2 more from the same scarf. They havent been able to rip it up or anything yet so it seems pretty sturdy.
90p well spent if you ask me!

Have you tried making any toys for your dogs?


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