Thursday, 16 February 2012

Folksy Round-Up

Hey everyone!

So I did a Folsky Valentine round-up and decided to make it a weekly thing and have a theme each week.

This week I thought with the sun trying to poke out and it not being -100000000 outside I would go for garden stuff:

Toast Bird Feeder - Here

Now, our garden leads onto the woods which is amazing considering my previous houses have just backed onto other houses. We get so many different animals in our back garden and without sounding like the crazy bird lady in Mary Poppins I love feeding the birds (I sounded like her anyway didn't I?) however we also have squirrels. Lovely squirrels, but very crafty. Anything I leave out there they don't just take the food. Oh no, they take the whole thing, feeder and all! I thought this was a good idea for anyone else with sneaky creatures in their back garden and you would just put this on a hook and their stealing days are toast (yup I did make that "joke")

Painted Tin Bucket - Here
There is a florist near me who has these buckets displaying her flowers. It looks lush. Thats all I need to say.
Painted Trowel - Here
 And a matching trowel because its cute and normal trowels are boring.

Fairy Door - Here
I just want this on my fence and fairy lights everywhere!

So there you go, just a little round-up today. I'm also on Pinterest where I have a garden board with lots and lots of cute things:

Hope you've been having a great week!


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