Monday, 20 February 2012


Hi everyone!

On Friday the boyfriend was told his office was shut on Saturday so he didnt have to work - muchos excitement ensued. What do we do with this time? We thought about going out for the day and then realised we could go and stay overnight on Saturday and make the most of it. After much internet scouting we found a cute thatched hotel in Devon that would let us bring the dogs, booked it up and Saturday morning we were off!

We went to lots of beaches as the puppy hadn't been before, I drank more tea than is normal and overall we had a lush time!

Here are some pictures from our time away:

We had a fab time and the dogs LOVE the seaside!

What did you do this weekend?



  1. Looks delightful! Cute dogs. Hubby wants a spaniel but I think it might be a bit big.. Hx

    1. It was lush!
      Spaniels are nice but if you live in a flat they might be too big. I've never had one before and as my dog (the black fluffy one) was so easy as a puppy I thought the spaniel would be the same. I was very wrong as proven by 2 pairs of destroyed shoes and the trail of mischief he leaves behind. Hes super cute though and loves cuddles :)