Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Folksy Round-up: Mothers Day

Hello again!

Mothers Day is on March 17th this year and while that may seem far away its actually not that long so to give you a kick start on ideas I've had a look through Folsky and listed my faves below!

Biscuit Dunking Print - Here

My mum LOVES tea and all the goodness that surrounds it and a picture like this would look fab in her house!

Shoulder Bag - Here
Mums are girls too which tends to mean they are either handbag or shoe people. If they are handbag people then this bag could be for them and has dividers inside so everything won't get jumbled up (in theory!).

Pink Beaded Earrings - Here
Why not treat her to some cute earrings?

Lavender Bath Melts - Here
If your mum is always running about and doing things these lavender bath melts are a sure fire way to get her to have a well deserved soak in the bath!

Wonder Woman Card - Here

I love this card for Mothers Day. I think its fun whilst still giving a message that you think you mum is Wonder Woman (and who wouldn't want to be her!).

So there you have it! Just a quick round up of things this week!.
If you have any ideas for a Folsky Round-Up or want to be featured here just let me know in the comments!


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